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Vibrant City Comes Alive

Toronto is a city constantly unfolding and alive with unlimited potential and energy. You know that excited feeling you get when you see a great menu that is filled with so many incredible dishes that you want to taste each one? That is how the ACNP 2012 Clinical Conference attendees will feel when they are in this incredible city and experience all that Toronto has to offer!

An international city of warmth, openness, energy and style enriched by the fusion of traditions, passions and ways of looking at life of over 100 cultures - Toronto is an intimate metropolis featuring world-class dining, shopping, creativity, architecture and entertainment.

Toronto's skyline includes the CN Tower, one of the Modern Wonders of the World; miles of waterfront, boardwalks and trails; distinct neighbourhoods and historic districts with inspiring surprises - from artisans' exhibits to cool cafés - around every corner.

Toronto's cultures offer an unparalleled variety of spice, taking fusion to a level far beyond cuisine. Find beautiful architecture of the city's settlers alongside modern, sleek, gold-tinted skyscrapers. We're modest but celebrate voraciously with over 1,000 festivals every year. How's this for more juxtaposition: our street vendors even dish up soy hot dogs! If you’re the kind who likes the unexpected, you'll love Toronto.

What do Torontonians love about Toronto? That's a long list but topping it would be our diversity. Two transit tokens are all you'll need to travel from one continent to another, to immerse yourself in the languages, art, cuisine and ideas of a hundred different cultures and neighbourhoods that make up our intimate metropolis.

Beyond the city limits explore fabulous regional attractions and breathtaking countryside vistas. Experience the wonder of Niagara Falls, a renowned wine region, outstanding theatres, festivals, galleries and many outdoor adventures - all within a short drive.

...And that's only the beginning. We can't wait to show you!

Toronto Welcomes
ACNP 2012 Clinical Conference

"Toronto is excited to welcome the ACNP 2012 Clinical Conference. We hope you enjoy your stay in the place we call home!"